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The Smart Thing for us to do is to be worthy of your Trust!

The Smart Thing for you to do is to know Who to Fear and Who to Trust!

Email and CellPhone privacy/spam are very important concerns. This is understandable, given how bad the problem of Spam and Unsolicited Marketing has become in recent years. Cellphone Spam can be especially annoying because the contents of spam are usually Pornographic, useless Pump and Dump Stock Tips or Nigerian million dollar baits that'll rob you of your money! This issue is of extra significance for our service because our Cellphone text/voice alerts are the most critical and useful tool you can benefit from.

To help you make a smart and informed decision in this regard we have devoted an entire page with information and perspective. A majority of the people realize we're worthy of their trust, and derive great benefits from our service. We will try to help you reach the same conclusion, but ultimately it's your decision.
You make the decision, and you live with it! You lose more than us if you reach the wrong conclusion.

Here's our Promise:
We will use your Cellphone number ONLY to send you alerts YOU want, WHEN you want, UNTIL you want them.
NEVER before. NEVER after. NEVER for anything else! And NO ONE ELSE will see it!
  1. Question: What is the effect of subscribing to WiiAlerts.Com on the SPAM you will receive?
    Answer: Nothing. It won't go UP. It won't go DOWN!

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  3. Question: Will you have Complete control over what you receive and when you receive it?
    Answer: Absolutely. Always.

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  5. Our Alerts system is designed to be extremely effective and a pleasure to use.
    You will be cheating yourself if you don't get the benefit of it's fullest potential.

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  7. Check our reputation on Internet Forums and with friends!
    There's no better way to separate the Bad from the Good!

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  9. All our subscribers come to us from word-of-mouth referals and forum posts.
    We do not spend a dollar on advertising. Sites of questionable reputation spend lots of money on Google Ads!

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  11. Our (and your) success depends critically on mutual trust. It'd be Stupid to do anything that reduces that trust.
    We're not Stupid! We're Smart. That should be quite evident.

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  13. A very small fraction of you WILL get SPAM sometime after you signup with us.
    But signing up for our service has nothing to do with it! That's how random events work.

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  15. Fantastic Results. Super Easy. Fun. No Ads. Absolutely No Spam!
    That about describes our site.

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Now you can make your decision on how you want to use our Email/Cell Alerts, and what you can expect to get out of our service. And you deal with the consequences. As in everything, we give you the choice!

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