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  1. How to I View/Delete my Alerts/Subscriptions?
    • Just Remember 1 thing: Always Go to Manage Page for Viewing/Changing everything!
    • You can add more Alerts just by going to the various products/Categories and adding alerts.
    • If you want to stop receiving all alerts, just delete all alerts.

      You can send a test alert to yourself HERE to check our setup. You can use the test feature as many times as you want.

  2. What else can I do to increase my chances of buying these products?
    • Establish an account with the retailers (definitely for Amazon, Gamestop, Walmart, Target etc.) beforehand.
         Also save your credit card on file if possible.
    • Try to stay focused and finish buying as quickly as possible once you receive our alert.

  3. This service is very useful. How can I contribute?
    • Do your online shopping through our Store Partner Links
    • Spread the word, spread the joy! Our Free service depends on getting the small commission that comes to us when you purchase through our links. Word of mouth from satisfied users is the main means we have for getting the word out.

    Do Tell all your friends that might be looking for products we track!
    Do Mention us wherever you feel (Deal forums,Gamer forums, Facebook, Myspace, Blogs etc) people might benefit from our free service.
    Do Mention your experience with us and how this site helped you.
    Do Mention if you have ever had a problem with SPAM with our site in Email or Cellphone. This is very important. Lack of trust makes uninformed people miss the most important tool which is cellphone alerts.

  4. Are you going to Spam Me?
    We take your Privacy very seriously. We do not collect any personally identifiable information for you (like Name, Address etc.) We use your Email and cell number only for the purpose you intended, which is to subscribe to the WiiAlerts.com alerts service. We require subscriber confirmation through double-opt-in mechanism for both Email and Cell alerts so others can't subscribe you. And we provide an easy method to Manage all your subscriptions and add/delete anytime you wish to stop receiving our alerts. We do not share your Email address or Cell number with anyone else.

    This is a significant issue and we take this seriously enough, we have a page to answer all your questions and clear your doubts. See Privacy and Spam Statement .

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