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Finding all the Hottest Products to buy at the best prices doesn't get any easier! We continuously track all major online stores for Product prices and availability. Get started with our free service now!

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps: [Hide Details]

Step 1. Register your Email address(and then confirm it). [Click for detail]

Step 2. Add CellPhone (Optional, but important for hot products)      [Click for detail]

Step 3. Add Alerts for products you like in the categories below.           [Click for detail]

That's it! We'll keep checking your products, and when they come in stock:

1) We send you an Alert by CellPhone & Email.

2) Come to wiialerts.com immediately when you get your Cell alert.(Don't wait for Email!)
   Popular products run out too fast. Email can be too slow for these.
   We will have direct link to the product page on our website.

3) You click, go to the store's site and Buy!

Tip: Also use the MY WIIALERTS page for lightning fast alerts! You can leave one browser window open with it whenever you have your computer on.

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Moto 360 Smart Watch

PlayStation 4

PS4 Camera

PS4 Games and Accessories

Microsoft Xbox One

Xbox One Games and Accessories

Microsoft Surface2

Transformer Book

Ipad Mini Retina

Graphic Cards

NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan

Radeon R9 280X



Lego Movie

Disney Frozen

Video Games

Nintendo Wii U

Wii U Games and Accessories

Disney Infinity

PSVita Bundles

Nintendo 3DS XL

Cards Against Humanity

Doc McStuffins

Toy Guns & Bows

Hot Games and Toys

Ever after High


Monster High

Coffin Bean

Flying Fairy


Xbox Console and Bundles

Despicable Me 2


Disney Planes

We constantly add new Products, so check often!
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Track ANY product!!
GPSes, TVs, or any product you might need!!

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